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IMX Farming June Update and New Listings

One month after the launch of the IMX Leveraged Farming program we’re excited to announce the first major update in terms of pairs and tokens supported. You can now farm IMX with 9 new pairs and 9 new tokens. In particular, we have added many of the biggest tokens in DeFi: LINK/ETH, MATIC/ETH, AAVE/ETH, COMP/ETH, CEL/ETH, SNX/ETH, YFI/ETH, CRV/ETH, ETH-2x-FLI/ETH.

Updated Liquidity Mining Rewards

Impermax has a liquidity mining program that is distributing 40% of the total supply to borrowers. Anyone who uses leverage or borrowing on Impermax will receive IMX tokens that can be claimed at any time. With this update Impermax is adjusting the mining rewards across the newly supported tokens.

The updated IMX shared reward that each pair will get starting from today is the following:

  • USDT-USDC: 26.25%

  • IMX/ETH: 20%

  • USDT/ETH: 5%

  • USDC/ETH: 5%

  • DAI/ETH: 5%

  • WBTC/ETH: 5%

  • DPI/ETH: 5%

  • UNI/ETH: 5%

  • MATIC/ETH: 5%

  • LINK/ETH: 3.13%

  • AAVE/ETH: 3.13%

  • COMP/ETH: 3.13%

  • CEL/ETH: 1.88%

  • SNX/ETH: 1.88%

  • YFI/ETH: 1.88%

  • CRV/ETH: 1.88%

  • ETH-2x-FLI/ETH: 1.88%

Earn Yield Using Indirect Liquidity Providing

Impermax provides a simple way to earn yield on any of the above tokens through Indirect Liquidity Providing. To earn yield on any of these tokens, simply use MetaMask or a similar Web3 wallet to connect to the app. Choose one of the above token pairs, select the Lending tab, and deposit any one of the tokens with the Supply button. Then check back later to see your earnings.

With a single deposit it’s now possible to earn Uniswap yield on any one of the above tokens. Earning apys with a single deposit and no impermanent loss has never before been possible for many of these tokens. You have the opportunity to be among the first to participate in Indirect Liquidity Providing for them.

See the Impermax Pitch Deck for more details on how Indirect Liquidity Providing works.


We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Token.

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