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Introduction To Impermax Roadmap

Impermax’s vision is to become the market leader in financial services for liquidity providers.

With our first app release, Impermax made a strong start in unlocking the value that liquidity providers are holding on Uniswap. Upcoming releases will improve and expand Leveraged Yield Farming and other benefits across all the biggest AMM platforms and networks.

Here’s a high level view of our four-phase release planning.

We are not currently announcing dates for phases or feature releases. This gives our development team room to make sure all releases have appropriate safety testing without the pressure of fixed public deadlines. We do plan to announce launch dates for all these items as soon as we are confident they won’t change. Progress is already good and we expect to have many features complete by Q3 of this year.

With the successful launch of the IMX token on April 29 2021, Impermax completed Phase 1 of the road map, and as of this article’s publication date we are now working hard on Phase 2 with good progress.

A Closer Look At Phase Two

Let’s touch on a few items in phase 2.

Support Uniswap V3 And Optimism, Support NFT-Based

Uniswap V3 is a huge step towards increasing capital efficiency in AMMs. Impermax is also a powerful way to increase capital efficiency, allowing users to adjust the risk/reward of their liquidity providing positions. When Uniswap V3 is supported on Impermax, this combination promises to be the most capital efficient combination in the AMM category. In other words, Uniswap V3 + Impermax will unlock the highest reward for the lowest risk across all liquidity providing positions. Impermax has already started building the Uniswap V3 compatible version of our Leveraged Yield Farming app.

Implement Fully Decentralized Governance

Another top priority is releasing the integrated governance system on the Impermax app. Ultimately, governance rights are what give the IMX token value, and once fully implemented, IMX holders will be able to vote on proposals and adjust economics with the app’s governance system. Also, IMX holders will have direct access to profits generated by the platform.

Implement IMX Staking Program To Distribute Profits To IMX Holders

Impermax is a lending market, and the protocol keeps a percentage of every interest payment for its reserves. This provides an ongoing income stream for the protocol and its token holders. The staking program will allow IMX holders to receive income directly through the app as part of the governance system. Note that this income is separate from and in addition to the IMX liquidity mining program, which distributes 40% of supply to borrowers over 4 years.

Add UI Improvements, Investment Tracking, And Improved User Onboarding

The team is listening to users, and we see that there are lots of opportunities for improvement in terms of usability. We plan to make it easier to understand how to use the app and provide better feedback on positions. Several useful features have already been added since launch, such as the dashboard, which shows all your Impermax positions and yields on one screen. If you have ideas for usability improvements, please share them in our social media channels.

The Impermax Team Is Growing

We’re scaling up the team to meet these ambitious goals. We are currently looking for experienced blockchain developers, but we’re also interested in anyone with DeFi or other related project experience. Watch for specific job postings on the website. Until then, if you’re interested in joining the team you can reach out to us on Telegram, Twitter, or our other social media.


We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Token.

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