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About  Impermax.Finance

  • Indirect Liquidity Providing is a simpler, safer way to yield farm.

  • You can become a liquidity provider with a single token deposit, just like staking.

  • Impermax is decentralized, audited, and growing to support all DeFi networks.

How can you earn higher yields and protect yourself from impermanent loss? By lending to other farmers using Indirect Liquidity Providing.

Become An Indirect
 Liquidity Provider

Let borrowers carry the risk and share the rewards.


Already  A Liquidity Provider?

Leverage Your LP Tokens For Higher Yields

What Is LP Token Leverage?

  • Use any Uniswap V2,  Quickswap LP token as collateral to borrow funds.

  • Use the borrowed funds to increase the size of your farming position by up to 20x.

  • Pay back the loan any time and keep the extra profits.

  • Earn free IBEX tokens with Impermax's liquidity mining program.

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