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Impermax Tokenomics

We are pleased to share Impermax’s IMX token distribution.

Updated Liquidity Mining Rewards

Airdrop: Impermax will drop 14M IMX tokens to top Uniswap liquidity providers. This airdrop strategy has proven very popular and effective for other projects.

Initial Uniswap Liquidity: 1M IMX tokens are allocated to creating the starting supply on Uniswap, ensuring plenty of early liquidity.

Treasury (IMX Leveraged Farming): 40M IMX tokens are allocated to the liquidity mining program, which will run for 4 years after token launch. Yield is earned by borrowing any tokens, which means users can multiply their IMX yields by leveraging any token. That’s in addition to other yields they may be earning with leverage. This is something that’s found only on Impermax.

Private Sale: 10M IMX tokens were sold in the private sale for $500,000 USD at a price of $0.05 to fund early development and liquidity. These tokens will unlock slowly over 4 years (see distribution schedule below).

Protocol Growth and Development: 20M tokens are set aside to help pay for hiring more developers and expanding the protocol to all major AMM platforms. These funds will unlock slowly over 4 years (see distribution schedule below).

Core Contributors: 12M tokens are allocated for the founding team and other critical team members. These funds will unlock slowly over 4 years (see distribution schedule below).

Community: 1M tokens are reserved for community rewards, including the airdrop to pre-launch suppliers and borrowers. Note: if the total amount supplied reaches $2M or higher, the pre-launch user airdrop will double from 250K to 500K. There’s still time!

Advisors and Partners: 2M tokens are reserved for key people and groups that are helping Impermax’s success. These funds will unlock slowly over 4 years (see distribution schedule below.)

Updated Liquidity Mining Rewards

Locked IMX tokens use a simple unlocking curve that reduces the rate of unlocking by 2.4% every 2 weeks. This creates the above curve. Note that the Uniswap airdrop and starting liquidity are the only tokens that begin unlocked.

Implied Market Cap

The Uniswap listing price will be $0.10. Due to 4-year lockups for growth funds, early investors, and team members, the market cap of IMX at this price will be about $1.8M on the day of release.

Token Utility

All interest income on the platform is automatically split, with lenders collecting at least 80% and Impermax collecting up to 20% of each payment. There is also a 0.1% flat borrowing fee on each loan, which is similarly split.

IMX token holders will have full control of this ongoing income generated by the platform, allocating it to fund proposals or taking profits as they wish.

The IMX token is a simple governance token based on the model of other DeFi lending projects like Compound. IMX holders will have sole voting rights on project governance.

Coming Soon

The IMX token is planned for release soon, in Q2 2021. An official release date will be announced shortly.


We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Token.

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